"Just knowing you are out there, knowing what you are committed to inspires me to no end. Thank you for contributing so powerfully in results for me personally, professionally, and for my clients!"

Darshana Hawks

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5 min Excerpt from Oct CoachStart™ Call

  • Converting an Introductory Session to a Client



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5 min Excerpt from Nov CoachStart™ Call

  • Daniel Midson-Short briefly shares how he got 35 clients in 5 months!



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2 min Excerpt from Dec CoachStart™ Call

  • Why most approaches don't work, and the approach that does!


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Full CoachStart™ Teleclass Archive

Please note the full archive is currently available as a special bonus to purchasers of the CoachStart™ Manual. You may find this bonus alone is worth the entire cost of the Manual!

The archive currently totals almost four hours of coaches grilling me<grin>.


September Call (50min)

  • Certification requirements and practicalities
  • How David got started
  • Jargon, use of coaching language
  • What life experience is needed to coach?
  • Confidence
  • Getting clients via Public Speaking
  • Suggested resources for coaches

October Call (50min)

  • How do I convert an Introductory Session to a Client?
  • How long should sessions be?
  • How many sessions should I offer a month?
  • Does having a Rest Week risk losing clients?
  • How can I get clients to pay 3-6 months in advance?
  • Certification revisited
  • Public Speaking revisited - 3 Step Process
  • Do I need to offer a structured coaching program?

November Call (50min)

  • How to inspire your audience during public speaking, and how to get them to contact you
  • What is a coach?
  • How can progress free clients into paying clients?
  • Describing coaching with passion (with a brilliant sample introduction from Allyn)
  • Do you really need a niche?
  • How to discover your niche

December Call (50min)

  • Should you jump into coaching full time, or start part time and make a gradual transition?
  • In a trial session, should you work on one goal or three?
  • Describing coaching with passion (with a brilliant sample introduction from Allyn)
  • How to do a session with everyone you know, and feel perfectly comfortable, without even a hint of selling.
  • Why most approaches for new coaches don't work, and the approach that does!

February Call (50min)

  • What outcome should you be shooting for in a trial session?
  • What's the quickest way to get started, and exactly how do you do that?
  • How do I start a coaching business when my regular job is so demanding?
  • More on niching - questions to help you qualify your niche.
  • Advice vs Coaching - where's the line?

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